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The Austin-Montana Project is a consulting firm offering sales and marketing solutions utilizing expert knowledge and extensive experience to generate viable opportunities and maximize growth potential. Using a proprietary network and sales process, coupled with a vast network of relationships, TAMP assists its clients in achieving real, quantifiable results.

TAMP connects its high-quality clients with their ideal customers

A Proven Track Record

TAMP has developed a comprehensive program with a proven track record, and has assisted clients in attaining multi-million-dollar revenue generation. TAMP has helped its clients tap into new markets, make new contacts, and develop a strategy to drive growth.

Reduced Overhead Costs

TAMP is a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for office space, company equipment, excessive travel costs, benefits packages and more! When contracting with TAMP professionals, clients have the benefit of a fixed rate for service.

A Well-Developed Strategy

TAMP develops a comprehensive market analysis which acts as the foundation to create a customized sales strategy for each client. Utilizing these tools,  TAMP designs a plan to target new potential markets and customers, while simultaneously assisting clients with capitalizing on their strengths.

Wealth of Experience

Collectively, the TAMP team possesses over a century of sales and marketing experience and relies on their individual knowledge working directly with customers. As a result, TAMP understands the best practices for successful business engagements. Additionally, the TAMP team leverages their professional relationships, an invaluable resource, furthering TAMP’s ability to obtain opportunities. 

Sourcing Opportunities

TAMP’s in-house research and development team collects and continuously updates project data aligning with its clients’ services. With a vast collection of project data points, TAMP is able to generate a perpetual list of viable and relevant projects for each client.

Customers recognize the time savings associated with sourcing their providers through TAMP and frequently send RFPs and RFQs seeking bids from TAMPs pre-vetted clients.

Community Networking

The TAMP team serves the communities through multiple non-profit roles and affiliations. These organizations, which align with TAMPs values and goals, benefit the community through scholarships, mentoring, financial donations and more.

The connections made within these organizations further the initiative to provide avenues of growth for TAMP clients. 

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I love when experts come together and think outside the box and bring innovative solutions armed with real data, guided knowledge, new methodologies and verified results. It has been a true privilege to work and collaborate with The Austin Montana Project (TAMP) team and I really look forward to seeing the positive impact on our industry through their creativity in conducting and winning business.”

Client, Engineer

After speaking with Mark Campbell and Jenny Norwood, I got started immediately with TAMP to add new potential customers for my trenching services. We set goals for target companies my company wanted to bid work for. Within 2 months my company got on each of the targeted companies bid lists and picked up some projects. I will continue to work with TAMP and refer pipeline construction/services contractors that want to grow because the TAMP service works! “

Client, Business Owner

TAMP is one of the good guys. The level of industry knowledge, professionalism and work ethic their team brings to the table has been a game changer for us.

Highly recommend if you are looking to augment or improve your company’s business development efforts!

Client, Business Owner

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