About Us

TAMP is a team of sales and marketing experts who provide economical solutions to meet its clients’ growth goals. The team’s breadth of experience, coupled with an extensive network, is the foundation for TAMP’s personalized strategies designed to meet its clients’ sales and/or marketing objectives.

TAMP clients consist of companies seeking assistance in developing and executing a well-defined and cohesive plan with clear, measurable benchmarks for success. In some cases, an outsourced sales and marketing team is the most feasible and cost-effective approach. Utilizing TAMP, clients benefit from years of experience and expertise to complement their in-house sales and marketing efforts. 

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Our Values


We do the right thing, even when no one is watching


We believe teamwork is the secret behind growth and success


We build loyalty and trust in customers and prospects


We respect others, keep our word, stay loyal, and exceed expectations

Our Vision

To provide superior, cost-effective, and industry-proven sales and marketing solutions that meet our clients’ growth objectives.

Our Promise

We value our clients and strive to instill confidence and satisfaction with our service. The Austin-Montana Project has a strict no-conflict of interest policy regarding clients within each of their specific service lines. With this promise, our clients are assured they are represented by TAMP as the exclusive provider of their specific service. 

Our Ethics

The Austin-Montana Project goes to great efforts to select our clients based on in-depth evaluations and safeguards.

We understand the importance of protecting your proprietary information and offer Non-Disclosure Agreements for your peace of mind.