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Nova HR understands the entrepreneur spirit is the driver behind the American success story. They also recognized that business owners created their enterprise to produce products, sell to customers and ultimately generate revenue. Unfortunately, many many business owners spend a large amount of time working on back-office Human Resources and complicated employee related functions.

Nova HR can help! HR is their main business and can minimize the burden you, as a business owner, by offering comprehensive solutions and facilitating many of your employee related issues.

After many years of experience in the PEO and Human Resources industry, Nova HR saw the need for business owners to not only streamline HR functions, but to simplify the process.  

Business owners needing assistance in the technical areas of HR, as well as the employee relations areas, will find the support they need from the experts at Nova HR  They will focus on putting the Human back into Human Resources by providing real time customer service, listening to the clients’ needs and collaborating on simple solutions. This is the number one area most business owners feel is the missing link when working with a PEO and where Nova HR excels. 

Nova HR is that one source solution for governmental compliance, employee taxes and many legal challenges. By assuming tasks like payroll, employee benefits, worker’s compensation and employee relations to name a few, you can once again focus on growing your business to its full potential. 


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