Temporary fencing at construction site

As new construction projects kick off in mass numbers due to growing the need for robust infrastructure in bustling communities, construction companies are in a dash to secure vendors that are fairly priced and provide reliable services. Temporary fencing on construction sites helps protect the company’s equipment, keeps construction workers safe, and keeps out unwanted or unauthorized visitors. In fact, OSHA and the DOL actually require fencing on construction sites for the safety and protection of site workers. In many cases, it would be a laborious and expensive option to purchase fencing, making fencing rentals an attractive option for construction companies.  

The great news is that temporary fencing rentals can aid in meeting those OSHA and DOL requirements, are temporary, not labor-intensive for the construction crew, and are an affordable option as companies move from site to site.

JIT Total Site Solutions provides fencing rentals as well as sanitation services, portable toilets, handwashing stations, trash services, and more. With up-front pricing and guaranteed customer satisfaction, JITs staff can accommodate your site needs with a quick turnaround and reliable service. For fencing needs, JIT provides temporary chain link panels which are a flexible option that can be installed, moved, and customized to meet your needs.

How can fencing be used?

Temporary Fencing can be used to keep equipment safe from theft and vandalism. Nothing can derail a major project like key equipment going missing. Construction sites are easily accessible by the public in many cases, therefore construction companies should be cognizant of the implications of unwanted and unauthorized entry of work sites. 

Theft and vandalism are not the only concern. For safety purposes, keeping heavy machinery behind locked fences could potentially prevent serious accidents. Should an unauthorized person enter a construction site and become injured the liability could be on the construction company for not properly protecting the site. It’s best to prepare and avoid issues than deal with the fallout in an unfortunate situation. 

Lastly, and most importantly, it’s critical that fencing is used to keep construction workers safe. Fencing can be used to separate construction sites from the close-by traffic and it can be used to indicate a restricted or hazardous area. 

For more information regarding JIT’s services and fencing abilities contact The Austin-Montana Project at 800-616-6051 or email jenny@austin-montana.com


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