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Every year May has a week recognized as construction safety week! Pipeline and facility construction is known as a dangerous industry and contractors have to be cognizant of risks and costly accidents. 

The best way to avoid safety issues is to utilize contractors that pride themselves on safety while delivering best practices. M. Wright Services, an Oklahoma-based pipeline and facility construction company, believes safety is paramount and consistently maintains high safety standards, not just during safety week but each and every day they are in the field working!  Their commitment to and focus on safety has been a constant since the company’s inception in 2011. 

M. Wright Services:

  • All “A” grades in ISNet World (Member since 2011)
  • TPS compliant
  • Veriforce Operator Qualification Compliant
  • In House Veriforce OQ observers
  • In House PEC Safeland Instructor

M. Wright Services mitigates safety concerns by delivering specific training to new employees and developing relevant recurrent training courses for all employees.  Additionally, the team is taught to perform regular safety checks of equipment, is trained to be aware of their work environments at all times, and is instructed and expected to initiate action whenever processes or conditions are unsafe.  Every team member has ownership for safety and performs steps to ensure safe practices at all times to keep themselves and other workers safe.  Ongoing safety initiatives are just one component of “The Wright Way”, the hashtag for M. Wright Services.  

M. Wright Services is cognizant of daily job hazards and through proper training and communication on the project site has consistently avoided serious injuries.  The company boasts a TRIR of 0 for 2020 and has had zero OSHA violations and fatalities during the past 3 years. 

A major midstream company recently recognized M. Wright for exemplary safety performance during field project work, specifically acknowledging  M. Wright’s many proactive submittals of “near misses” creating unparalleled safe work environments.

M. Wright Services has the knowledge, commitment, and experience to ensure comprehensive site safety. Their portfolio of competencies includes pipeline and facility construction, maintenance and integrity services, HDD and boring capabilities, as well as in-house hydro-vac operations.

For additional information on M. Wright Services, or to request a bid for their services, please contact The Austin-Montana Project at 


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